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29 March 2007 @ 02:26 pm
FAQ with Affiliates...  
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not on the list, feel free to post it as a comment to this post. But please, read through this first!

G E N E R A L  Q U E S T I O N S

Who are the contributing artists?
We have several artists who have contributed over the years. You can go to the Filter on the LJ bar at the top and enter the artist you wish to see work for. Our artists are listed in the Sticky Post Here.

Your graphics aren't showing up, what do I do?
Please comment to the post to let the Artist know about the absence of the graphic. I have moved some things around in my PhotoBucket and I've tried to update all the links. I will update them as soon as possible so you can view them.

Can I use your graphics?
Of course! That's why I made this journal, to share my obsession for making things. Just don't hotlink. Please snag and upload to your own server.

What is hotlinking?
Hotlinking is when you are using the artists PhotoBucket (or other image server) link. In other words, you click on a banner you found on this community. It takes you to the image in the artists PhotoBucket and you use the "direct link" to post it in your journal. This is hotlinking and takes bandwidth from the artists PhotoBucket making it hard for said artist to share their art. Don't do it. Please. Instead save the image to your computer. Open your own PhotoBucket account (it's free) and upload your images.

Can I request a graphic?
I don't typically do requests but if you have some high res images you'd like me to make into headers, banner or icons. I can try. Comment below. Do NOT PM me.

You have Layouts available but how do I use them?
Go over to our sister community layout_lounge to find out more about how to Use A Layout and also for a tutorial for beginners on Changing Your Layout. There are also many other tutorials over there to help you would all kinds of other things pertaining to the look of your journal.

What program do you use to make your graphics?
I use Photoshop CS5. I hope to update that at some point but it is pricy.

Do you affiliate with other communities?
Yes. See the bottom of post.

Commenting and crediting
If you want, you can leave a comment on the post containing the graphic but it's not necessary (though it makes me feel all fuzzy ^-^). IMPORTANT: Credit is a must!

How do I credit your icons?

How do I credit your banners or headers?
Go to your Profile and enter in the Bio field 'Layout by graffitigraphic, or place in a credit component if have one. You can also post this credit at the bottom of your actual friends post. Either way we grateful for the credit.

G R A F F I T I  G R A P H I C S  W O R K S
Can I repost any of your work?
Ask the Artist. If you are simply sharing in your journal.
1) Upload everything to your own server. (ie PhotoBucket)
2) Credit Artist in the entry when you post their work just because your sharing. Please don't submit our work to other communities unless you are nominating us for something... that's okay... and flattering.

Where did you get the screen captures/pictures for this graphic?
Mostly the internet and friends. To take a look at my resources (the stuff of the awesome people I wouldn't be able to work without), go to this post.

I C O N S,  H E A D E R S,  &  B A N N E R S
Can I change your the words on your banners/hearders/icons?
I would prefer if you didn't change them yourself. Ask the Artist who can probably change anything they've made for you. Just comment to the post they are in with the request. I'm willing to make them say whatever you like.

Can you remove a border for me?
Ask the Artist. If I made the graphic, I can. Just comment in the post and the Artist will let you know.

How much of your artwork can I have?
Take as much as you like as long as you credit, I say go for it.

Is it okay if I pimp this journal on my journal?
Um, so basically you want to advertise our art for free. I have absolutely no problem with that. Go for it.

Can I pimp your community at another community?
Only if it is okay with the moderators of that community.

Do you affiliate with other communities?
Yep. Love to affiliate. If you want to affiliate with me here are a few affiliate icons...

Chose the one you want and then post yours as a comment below! Thanks! See our Affiliates Link for more great artist and communities.

Still unsure about something? Ask away ^-^