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Graffiti Graphics

Fandom, stock, etc... headers, FOBs and icons!

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Graffiti Graphics: Icons, Banners and more...
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graffiti graphics
We are here to have fun and make as much artwork out of the shows we watch and the images we see. If you like an icon but want words removed, feel free to comment to the post and ask.

We welcome all kinds of images: Headers (for the top of your journal), Banners/Friends Banners, Icons, Bases, Wallpapers, Mood Themes, and Tiny Icons.

If you are making them and would like to spread the word of your creations, please feel free to post them here. We moderate posts but if we like what we see, we'll approve your post. Please not locked posts that require users to friend you. If they like your work, they'll do that on their own.

the basics
• Be nice.
• No HOTLINKING(*) to anything.
• DO NOT copy or alter. All graphics are to be left as is, unless otherwise specified (icon bases). If you want alterations made to an image simply comment and ask. We like to help.
• Requests are accepted and high-res pictures for icons are always welcome. No slash.
• No spamming of any kind. Spamming will result in being banned from the community.
• Comments are also appreciated.

• No art to share? Don't post. Any posts not containing icons, banners, bases, wallpapers, headers or mood themes will not be accepted.
• Three to Six teaser icons only, then please put the rest of them behind a cut. No cut, no post.
• Banners, headers, or wallpapers should be reduced in size to fit the post. Please post post dimensions of graphics (ie if you post 3 header banners that are all 1000x300 but are reduced to a smaller size in the post, please indicate above the headers that they are all 1000x300).
• Please list what is in your post above your preview images. Example:

• A banner of your teaser icons does not count as teaser icons.
• Please tag your posts. Request A Tag
• No friends only icon posts. We want visitors in the future to be able to see your work. If they like your work they will friend you themselves.
• Absolutely no pimping allowed. This community is only about sharing your icons. Some icon contest activities will be posted by the original members.
• Put spoiler icons under an LJ cut, do not include them in your teasers.
• No spamming of any kind. Spamming will result in being banned from the community.
• No slash. Make anything with adult content as such.

comms we love
_fandom_icons_, icons_zone, stockicon

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